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Be aware of the basics and benefits of high visibility vest in detail

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Industrial employees use a wide range of personal protective equipment to maximize their safety all through their work in places where safety must be ensured. The high visibility clothing has high reflective properties and it is easily visible from long distances.  High visibility clothing is also recognized as hi-viz and used by airport workers, building constructors, traffic polices, motorcyclists, cyclists, highway workers, railway workers and people who work in dark areas and places near moving vehicles. As a beginner to the high visibility vest, you can focus on the following details and get an overview of this clothing.

What is a high visibility vest?

A high visibility vest is safety clothing or an article of personal protective equipment made of retro reflective materials. This vest is intended to enhance the visibility of people wearing it in the dark or low light. This vest is illuminated by the mechanized equipment and headlights of vehicles. In general, the colors of the high visibility vests are distinct and high contrast to the colors of the background. Unique elements of these vets make certain an immediate detection of people who wear such vests and avoid accidents by others during the rescue operations.

Why is it important to wear a safety vest?

It is important to wear a high visibility safety vest when working on the job so as to avoid unfortunate accidents.  Employers and administrators of employees of the government have to make certain that all their employees are well protected by the high visibility vests and other personal protective equipment.

These full source safety vests are particularly designed for the overall safety and comfort of workers while working on the job. These safety gear are helpful a lot to safeguard workers as well as consumers.

Safety Vest Classes

safety vest classes

What class safety vest do I need?

There are three categories of safety vests available on the market. These categories are as follows.

Class 1 – The lowest visibility level

class 1 safety vest

People who wear safety vests can enhance their comfort and safety all through their work. Class 1 high visibility vests are designed for workers in low impact areas and traffic flow never exceeds 25 mph and people work a reasonable distance away from it. For example, roadside maintenance workers, parking service attendants, sidewalk maintenance workers and delivery vehicle drivers can prefer and wear class 1 safety vests. These high visibility vests have at least 155 square inches of reflective tape with the dimensions 6.46 linear feet of 2 inches tape. The reflective strips in these vests have to be around the middle in the 360 degrees stripe and above both shoulders. These vests must be safety yellow or orange color.

Class 2 – Intermediary visibility level

class 2 safety vest

The Class 2 safety vest is recommended for people who work in heavy traffic places and places where poor visibility caused by weather. This category of high visibility vests includes at least 201 square inches of reflective tape with dimensions 8.373 linear feet of 2 inches tape. These high visibility vests are suggested for the airport baggage handlers, high-volume parking or toll-gate personnel, forestry workers, airport ground crew and law enforcement personnel. The reflective strips of the class 2 high visibility vests must be over the shoulders and around the middle in two or either 360 degrees horizontal stripes.

Class 3 – the highest level of visibility

class 3 safety vest

The class 3 safety vest is one of the most popular high visibility vests and designed for people who work in heavy traffic areas and have high risk jobs include, but not limited to survey and flagging crews, emergency responders, accident site investigators, utility workers, and railway workers.

People who wear this safety vest often close to traffic exceeding 50 miles per hour. They need to be as visible as possible. The high visibility vests and garments belong to the class 3 must have at least 310 square inches of reflective tape with 2 inches thickness and 12.92 linear feet.

These vests provide the highest possible coverage to the legs and arms when compared to both class 1 and class 3 high visibility vests.

Individuals who wear the appropriate safety vest for their nature of job can avoid the possibilities of unnecessary accidents. They can keep themselves as safe as possible. They have to understand and keep in mind how high visibility vest let them being visible to motorists and others. These safety vests make the difference between an accident prone work zone and an accident free work zone.

Difference between a Class 2 and Class 3 safety vest?

class 3 safety vest

The class 2 and the class 3 safety vests are designed for roadway usage. The class 2 safety vest serves anyone who is a municipality worker airport ramp worker or road construction worker.

On the other hand, the class 3 safety vest is designed for people who work for the department of transportation, municipality workers, flaggers and some state DOT. The type R class 2 is the safety vest used when the maximum safety is needed.

This reflective vest includes more than usual features like the wider retro-reflective tape and the fluorescent material.  The extra reflective square inches required in this safety vest. The background fabric and the reflective tape of type R class 2 and class 3 safety vests in our time as per ANSI 107-2015 definition are 540/775 square inches and 1000/1240 square inches and 201 square inches and 310 square inches respectively.

What is a high visibility vest used for?

Increased visibility is one of the main benefits for all users of high visibility vests. Individuals who wear the high visibility vests can make certain about their overall safety. This is because they wear clothing designed to improve visibility and less likely to be involved in an accident.

Parking attendants and highway construction workers make use of the high visibility vest to increase their safety all through their work.  An easy identification is another major benefit for people who wear high visibility clothes. Individuals who engage in occupations like security, construction, emergency response and professionals like policemen and firemen required to be easy to spot by other people in emergency situations.

Many companies worldwide promote their brand by using the safety vests to their employees and freebies to people who require such clothing as their personal protective equipment. These companies add their logo without interfering the reflective tape as well as coverage of the fluorescent fabric in the high visibility vests.

High vis vests are usually sleeveless tops. However, these garments can be anything which makes it clear that everyone on the construction site can be easily seen. If the temperature is cold or the job is outside, a high visibility coat is a good alternative for the usual high visibility clothing. Workers in the road construction and municipality workers are advised to wear fluorescent clothing for the day time as the fluorescent colors never glow in the dark. These fluorescent colors bright because they absorb and also emit different lights. Retro-reflective materials based safety vests bounce back light from the source. These safety vests are recommended for workers who work in the nighttimes.

What is the best high visibility color?

safety vest

There are different colors of high visibility vests available on the market. However, the main and bright flame buoyant colors of high visibility vests are red, orange, light yellowish green and yellow. These colors are easily visible. High visibility vests in these colors with reflective strips, printed letters and insignia on them make them visible further. Yellow and orange colors of high visibility vests are mostly preferred by employers with a specialization in the enhanced safety of their employees in the work environment.

Reflective Vest

reflective vest is Reflective materials and fluorescent colors of safety vests make the workers seen in all conditions. These reflective safety vest distinguish workers from pedestrians and identify the company people who wear work vest. The company name or logo on the back of the safety vests is an important thing to consider. This is because these features help identify the company of people who wear safety vests.

The reflective safety vest is needed because people who wear such vests can step on the site as safe as possible. Wearing safety vests can make the real difference between life and death. Everyone in the outdoor work environment and dangerous indoor workplaces have to take the initiative and ensure that they stay as safe as possible. They can choose and wear the high visibility vests to be safe all through the work.

Construction Safety Vest

Individuals who work in the construction and warehouse industries require enhancing their safety by using personal protective equipment (PPE). They can prefer, buy and wear high visibility safety vests designed to double-check the safety while working every day. The lightweight nature of the safety vest is one of the main reasons behind the highest possible comfort of everyone who wears it. This vest would not weigh down when it rains and take much time to dry. The bright color and high visibility features in the safety vests support people who wear such Construction Vest to be safe.

Why do construction workers wear safety vests?

hi vis safety vest

The construction areas are really dangerous places as big machinery move a large amount of rock and earth. This rock and earth could potentially fall and injure construction workers. Construction related accidents to workers and non-workers while passing near the construction area are increasing due to the lack of personal protective equipment. The construction safety vest is designed to prevent the injury because this vest enhances the level of visibility of the workers who wear it.

There are reflective tapes on the construction vests. These vests are designed for preventing the injury as wearing such vests enhances the visibility of the construction workers. The intense fluorescent yellow or orange fabrics and the reflective tapes on the safety vests make certain about the safety of persons who wearing such vests.

These elements in the high visibility vests let others to see workers from a distance. If the construction workers can be seen without difficulty, the overall possibilities for them being hit by the vehicle are reduced to the notable degree.

Construction roadside fatalities and injuries are common because of the increased motor vehicle usage. The construction vest is the simple precautionary item designed to prevent the construction related injuries and deaths.  The lawsuit can be filed against the company when it does not provide the safety clothing to its employees. The medical expenses could rise up based on the graveness of an injury and the company may be legally charged for the negligence as well.  The safety vests particularly designed for the construction workers are light and comfortable to wear around.

Almost every construction worker considers the comfort level as a lot of movement all through their work. They can prefer and wear construction safety vest with lightweight nature and suitable for those who engage in the most dangerous jobs. The tough yet light fabric of high visibility and safety vests makes construction workers safe, comfortable and satisfied.

Who is required to Use Hi Vis vest Work Wear?

High visibility vests use a good combination of reflective tape and fluorescent fabric to get the maximum visibility during day and night. Design features of the high visibility clothing play the main role behind their overall quality and benefits to individuals who wear such clothes.

A high vis vest is used by many people in different situations. If you need to stand out from the background and also visible to others in your surroundings, then you can directly take note of different things about high visibility vests at first. This is because you require the high visibility vest to be safe all through your work.

hi vis safety vest

Highway and railway workers have the high visibility vests based uniforms. Other occupations use high visibility vests are policemen, airport employees, construction workers, utility workers, toll booth operators, firemen, tow-truck drivers, parking attendants, heavy equipment operators, and event securities. Hunters and cyclists throughout the world these days prefer and use the best quality yet affordable price of the high visibility clothing.


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