High Visibility Clothing

High Visibility Clothing is personal protective equipment. It is a type of safety clothing that is fluorescent green in color and is typically used by those working in a hazardous environment. Wearing this type of clothing is a must for people working in fields where there is a risk of human injuries such as the construction industries and emergency services. The specialty of this clothing is that it makes it easier for the common public to identify those extreme tackling conditions.

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What Is the Purpose of High Visibility Clothing?

The purpose of this clothing is to be visible in dusk, dark, fog, haze, and daylight. To achieve this, fluorescent, which is often in yellow, orange, or neon colors, is combined with reflective material.

Afterward, non-fluorescent contrast materials are used to make these two highly visible materials complement each other. The non-fluorescent materials are typically resistant to bleeding during washing, which allows the visibility of the clothing’s reflective material and fluorescent to remain unchanged.

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