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Hi Vis T Shirts Guide

High Visibility T Shirts Guide

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High visibility shirts include Hi Vis T Shirt, Hi-Vis Polo, etc. Here on this guide, we are discussing high visibility work t shirts, please have a glance at the whole page.

High Visibility T Shirts are not only used to see the worker at night but it also makes them visible during the daytime and when the weather is unpleasant. High visibility work shirts are wonderful for weather conditions and work environments. This type of clothing reduces the hazard of accidents and improves safety.

What is Hi Vis T Shirts Made of?

Excellent Uniforms such as High Visibility Work T-Shirts and pants are made of 65% Polyester 35% Cotton as well. Fine Quality Fabric is used to make these t-shirts and it is also double stitched. You may match the Hi-vis work shirt with Hi-vis work pants trousers. It is the best solution for production, Mining, Oil and Petroleum, Drilling, Road Safety, Disaster Management, Fire Retardant, etc and it is widely used in all Industries.

What is the use of Hi Vis Work T Shirts?

Firstly, workplace safety is the major priority so for the safety purpose Enhanced Visibility apparel is used. High Visibility Safety Clothing meets ANSI safety terms. Well, based on the work environment and the level of protection needed, this garment type has been created. Secondly, this is the combination of ANSI/ISEA 107 (roadway) and ANSI/ISEA 207 (public safety) principles. Indeed, those workers who are working in road construction, efficacy workers, general production, roadside assistance, and warehouse, they must need to critical safety.

Types of Hi vis Shirts

These high visibility t shirts are obtainable in non-ANSI (American National Standards Institute) ANSI Class 2 and Class 3 acquiescence. Class 2 Hi-Vis T-Shirts and Hi-Vis T-shirt ANSI Class 3 are available in short or high visibility long sleeve shirts styles. Check the types of Hi-Vis T-shirts below:

  • ANSI Class I

  • ANSI Class II

  • ANSI Class III

  • Enhanced Visibility


Difference Between Class 1, 2, and Class 3 Safety shirts

While working in the industrial area, it is important to be visible and avoid an unfortunate mishap. For instance, these high visibility shirts have been created for the protection of the worker with comfort. Well, here we have provided information regarding Class 1, 2, and 3 Safety Vests, please have a look:

Class 1 Safety T-Shirts

First of all, we will discuss Class 1 safety vests, these type of safety vests are used in low impact areas where traffic surge does not surpass 25 mph. For example Parking service entourage, footway, edge preservation personnel, delivery vehicle drivers, etc. Hi-Vis T-shirts Class 1 must have 155 square inches of reflective tape and the size of the reflective tape can be either 9.39 linear feet of 1 3/8 inch tape or 6.46 linear feet of 2-inch tape. This is available in both colors that are safety yellow or safety orange.

Class 2 Safety T-Shirts

Workers who are working in those areas where heavier traffic is there and poor visibility due to weather they are required to wear Hi-Vis Class 2 T-shirts. These types of safety vests will have a reflective tape of at least 201 square inches. Dimensions of the reflective tape can be 12.2 linear feet of 1 3/3 inch tape or 8.373 linear feet of 2-inch tape. Example: Airport baggage handlers, forestry workers, ground crew, high-volume parking or toll-gate personnel and law enforcement personnel are required to wear Class 2 hi vis work shirts.

Class 3 Safety T-Shirts

People who are employed in High-risk jobs where risk is high and personnel have to be most visible here Class 3 High vis T Shirts are required. These jobs include mishap site investigators, railway workers, utility workers, emergency responders, flagging crews, etc. In high-risk jobs, it is mandatory to be as visible as possible because there is high traffic such as 50 miles an hour. Class 3 safety garments must have a reflective tape of 310 square inches that is 12.92 linear feet and 2-inches thick. hi vis clothing of Class 3 provide more coverage to the arms and legs.

Our Picks for High Visibility Safety T-Shirts

As per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standard the worker’s visibility must be reflective from all sides that are 1000 meters for visibility in darkness and the color must contrast adequately from the environment that is why the gear can be orange, fluorescent red, yellow or yellow-green. High visibility clothing must be worn while working in traffic and crisis services.

L&M Hi vis pocket t shirts ANSI Class 3 

hi vis long sleeve shirt

Some jobs necessitate hi vis long sleeve t shirt or short sleeve safety t shirts with insightful material. Ansi Class hi vis t shirt are very comfortable and less cumbersome. hi vis pocket t shirts are available in lime, yellow or orange colors and there are also various sizes are available from small to 10X on some models. This is a perfect solution for landscaping, warehouse employees, construction crews and event safety. On some brands such as PIP, Pyramex, GSS, Majestic, Occunomix, and Port & Company there is a big discount.

Ansi Class Hi-Vis T-Shirts are made of Soft bright fluorescent Birdseye polyester because Cotton cannot hold the dyes which are required to maintain ANSI visibility standards. The moisture-wicking polyester fabrics keep you dryer and comfortable as well. ANSI Class 3 Hi-Vis Reflective Safety T-Shirt has a 2-inch wide silver retro-reflective tape and one front pocket with volcro in the left chest.

Features of L&M Hi Vis T Shirt

  • ANSI 107-2015 Class 3 certified
  • 2-inch wide silver retro-reflective tape on front and back
  • One pocket in Left chest
  • Medium Size: Around Waist/Chest: 39 inches. Height: 28 inches
  • Large: 43 inches. Height: 29 inches
  • XL: 47 inches. Height: 30 inches
  • XXL: 51 inches. Height: 31 inches
  • XXXL: 55 inches. Height: 32 inches
  • XXXXL: 59 inches. Height: 33 inches
  •  Best Seller in Safety Shirts at amazon check here for more info

KwikSafety (Charlotte, NC) Class 2 ANSI High Visibility Safety Shirt 

hi vis t shirt
People working in industrial areas and performing outdoors activities so hi vis colours are required to be wear. Bright colored t-shirts are most excellent for those who want to be simply discernible from their environment. The high visibility provided by the safety orange t shirts or safety yellow shirts, and green because it has a layer of protection against certain dangerous situations.

Yellow Construction Class 2 ANSI High Visibility Safety Shirt with Pocket Reflective Tape is the best and most stylish premium special protective apparatus. This workwear gear is available on Amazon for survey crews, manufacture workers, contractors, surveyors, forestry, firefighter, emergency responders, police, crossing guard, persuade community safety, traffic, and parking entourage for hunting, cycling, running, bike, bicycle, volunteering, jogging, and volunteering activities.

Features KwikSafety Safety Yellow T Shirts

KwikSafety (Charlotte, NC) High Visibility Safety Shirt is 100% moisture-wicking, water-resistant and having comfortable neck size and breathable short sleeves enormous for warmer weather conditions. It is a flexible 2-inch fishbone pattern reflector tape for enhanced mobility night or day and a durable chest pocket.

This safety shirt is in full observance with ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Class 2 and obtainable in small, medium, large, extra-large, 2X-Large sizes. KwikSafetyT Shirt are conceitedly premeditated & shipped from Charlotte, NC, USA. The team of KwikSafety will quickly answer your questions and concerns about your order. These products are quality modish security products created by Americans with the American Standard level.

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Portwest Hi Vis T Shirts

portwest hi vis t shirts

Portwest Austin Short-Sleeved T-Shirt is made by wicking polyester fabric. It includes a pocket on the left chest, a taped neck seam, a crew neck, and reflective heat seal tape for enhanced visibility. This Hi-Vis T-Shirt is made by PORTWEST with 100% polyester. Portwest is resolutely recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of comfortable, stylish, high-quality workwear that meets with the standard.

Features of Portwest Safety Apparel

  • Breathable fabric to draw damp away from the body and it keeps body your cool, dry and comfortable
  • Excellence wicking fabric
  • Heat-sealed reflective tape for added visibility
  • 50+ UPF rated material to wedge 98% of UV rays
  • Frivolous and comfortable
  • 1 pocket for secure storage
  • Crew neck
  • Taped neck seam for extra comfort
  • Complies with EN ISO 20471 standard
  • Complies with RIS 3279-TOM for the rail manufacturing (orange only)
  • CE certified


Carhartt High Visibility T-Shirts

Carhartt High Visibility Reflective Work T-Shirts are also used in hazardous areas like construction. Carhartt offers a selection of Hi-Vis gear that meets ANSI Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 visibility standards so you can choose the proper clothing based on your working environment.

safety orange t shirts

High Visibility Short Sleeve Class 2 T-Shirts is made by 100% Polyester bird’s-eye knit and it is imported and washable in the machine. Our new Carhartt safety orange t shirts  are also made of tough 4.25-ounce and having 3M Scotch lite Reflective Material, 5510 Segmented Home Wash Trim for superior breathability.

Features of Carhartt Hi-Vis Safety Clothing

  • 100% Polyester bird’s-eye knit
  • Rib-Knit Crewneck Collar
  • Tagless Label
  • Left-Chest Pocket
  • Its side-seamed edifice minimizes caricature
  • Highly durable
  • Trim maintains its recital through 75 home launderings.
  • 4.25-ounce
  • Wicks away sweat blemish Breaker technology breaks up marks.
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 New York Hi Vis Work Shirts Class 3 

hi vis work shirts

NY BFS8512 Hi-Vis Class 3 T-Shirts are made with Moisture Wicking Mesh Birdseye, with Black Bottom. It is very comfortable, breathable & lightweight. New York Hi-Viz Workwear  T-Shirt is ANSI/ISEA Class 3 certified and has wide reflective taping on front and back and there is also left chest front pocket. High visibility clothing provides safety against certain hazardous situations. So, must remember that highly visible colors will get a person noticed.

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How to Choose Best High Visibility T Shirts?

To make sure about your safety, get a high visibility shirt from the Traffic Safety Store. This is one of the best decisions you can make for your work clothes either you are working in a construction area or else. First of all, we must tell you that safety shirts aren’t made for every occasion such as a wedding or a funeral, etc. But these safety clothing are made for those workers who are working in a lot of job sites. These safety gears wear to let everybody know that you are working over there. High Visibility Safety T-Shirts come in a range of designs and materials.

Secondly, choose your High Visibility T-Shirts according to the level of your work. If you’re working at that place where risk is low then you need to select Class 1 Hi-Vis T-Shirts and if there is a medium risk then choose Class 2 Hi-Vis T-Shirts. Where the highest visibility is required at the most then you have to select Class 3 Hi-Vis T-Shirts. Must ensure that you have purchased the best high vis attire, but choose a retailer wisely with a great amount of care also. Nevertheless, you need to stick to PPE regulations and other principles.

Hopefully, you now have an enhanced sympathetic of high vis clothing and why it is so important. The company is required to provide high-quality workwear to its employees.


Surely, High Visibility Shirts are compulsory if you are railway workers, investigators, utility workers, emergency responders, flagging crews, etc. High Visibility Safety T-Shirts are made for your safety purpose and your protection.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration
American National Standards Institute

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