Hi Vis Rain Gear

stay dry in the rain with hi vis rain suits

High Visibility Rain Suits

Hi Vis Rain Suits are an important piece of  high visibility gear that is made from waterproof fabric to help you stay dry in the rain

Introduction About Hi Vis Suits

Hi Vis Suits stands for High Visibility Suits and it is made up of bright material with some type of tape which is used to highlight the suits. All employers, workers of industries need it for Personal Safety Purpose. Those persons who work in emergency or dangerous industries, this Hi-Vis Suits is necessary for those workers. High-Visibility Suits was made in 1964 in the Scottish Region of the UK. To enhance their reflectivity at the time of working in low light, employees wear High-Vis Suits.

Day-Light Reflectivity: Those who are working in a different field often need to enhance their reflectivity during daylight. For Example, traffic keepers use specific Hi Vis Suits to improve their visibility in good light situations.

Low-Light Reflectivity: As we all know that, to work in low-light without PPC, it is not safe. Bright fabric enhances daytime reflectivity.

High Visibility History

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Let’s Have A Look On High Visibility History

From the last 50 years Hi Vis Suits was made for workers of Railway. The schedule of High Visibility Suits are as follows:

  • The 1930s – Bob and Joe Switzer are investigating glowing substances for magic happenings, creating the world’s first glowing paint which is called Day-Glo. Bob making the world’s first hi-vis gear of his wife’s wedding dress with Day-Glo.
  • The 1940s – The Government of the US used related technology to assist stop the friendly fire.
  • The 1960s – Hi vis Clothing was trialed by Glaswegian workers in UK in 1964.
  • The 1970s – In 1974 Health and Safety at Work had introduced the first UK legislation hi vis clothing.
  • The 1990s –In 1992 PPE need employers to protect against potential workplace threats, where hi-vis clothing was needed.

What is the Use of Hi-Vis Suits?

Ultraviolet rays which are produced from the sun react with the glowing colors of substances to generate a glowing appearance. Mainly it is stronger at times of dull light. Nevertheless, Hi-Vis Suits can also be work using the ultraviolet light from other materials, for instance car headlamps.

HI Vis Rain Suit Keep you Dry, Safety and visibility in heavy rains and thunderstorms because that High Visibility Rain Suits Must Be Wearing in such that season of weather.

rain jacket

Hi Vis Rain Suits is made up of many colors like red, pink, blue and green. Firstly, the most usual and effective and safety colors are yellow and orange. To enhance glow and daytime visibility, the sun’s ultraviolet rays react with the fluorescent colors.

During the night, light from various causes like car headlights recoils off the reflective zones to make the tape bright, enhancing nighttime visibility. If you want to buy hi vis clothing, then what are the various factors to select, here you all need to know. For instance, lifeboat teams use orange visible vests as it is the most noticeable color rather than the dark blue or black sea. Here are the few jobs that require high-vis suits:

  • Parking Management
  • Law Execution Employees
  • Airport Technical Crew Members
  • Construction, maintenance
  • Utility workers
  • Survey crew

What Are Hi-Vis Suits Made Of?

Hi-Vis Suits have been made from reflective substances which is giving light-reflecting properties. In the making of Hi Vis Gear, two main materials are used firstly micro-prismatic tape and secondly glass bead reflective tape.

Micro-Prismatic Tape:

The micro-prismatic tape is a different type of plastic vinyl that consists of a huge number of tiny prisms. These tiny prisms which are located inside the tape that bounce light around within before imitating it back. Micro-Prismatic light is revealed from the material voyages far and clutches its strength well as it is the focus in one path only.

Glass Drop Reflective Tape:

The most common Reflective Tape is Glass Drop Reflective Tape. It is the substance that is used on the silver-grey bands for hi-vis clothing. Glass Drop Reflective Tape is much cheaper and it imitates light from a source at a broader angle that it doesn’t travel as much as light imitated from micro-prismatic tape.

Functions of Hi-Vis Suits

  • High-Visibility Suits permit employees or workers to be seen by the driver’s earlier and more freely.
  • At the time of riding motorcycles, cyclists also wear high-vis gear.
  • At the time of hunting, hunters always wear special high-vis clothing to protect themselves from accidents.

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Best High Visibility Rain Suit

Hi-Vis Rain Suit gives waterproof security completely from head to toe. Hi-Vis Suit is made with compactable substances that fold for the comfort of transportation. It consists of various pockets for carrying and safeguarding personal things. Choosing the right High Visibility Rain Suit is necessary to make sure that you can be comfortably seen on the worksite at the time of rainy or wet season.

JORESTECH Safety Rain Set

high visibility rain suit

JORESTECH provides a high visibility complete safety rain set, Jacket Reflective Hi-Vis Yellow JK-03, Lime ANSI 300D Heavy Duty PANTS-03 (XL), JORESTECH Safety Rain Set Pants.

The Item Weight of High Visibility Rain Suit is 3.35 pounds and extra-large is available and Reflective Rain Suit is made up of Polyester.


West Chester Hi-Vis ANSI Class III Rain Suit Jacket And Bib

hi vis suit

High Visibility Rain Suit Jacket consists of sew and taped seams that are used for water resistance, keeping employees dry at the time of the job. West Chester provides /Black, 3M Reflective Tape, JD44530 John Deere High Visibility ANSI Class III Rain Suit Jacket and Bib with Color Block.

THIS hi vis waterproof suit made of a poly oxford material and you can also keep the phone in the hidden pocket. The Size of West Chester Hi-Vis ANSI Class III Rain Suit Jacket is large and the weight is 2.75 pounds. reflective raincoats Safety Suit is made up of polyester and length is 15.0 inches and width is 11.0 inches.

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Rain Jacket with Pants Waterproof Rain Coat

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A Safety Rain Coat or rain jacket is used to protect the body from rain and it is a waterproof or water-resistant jacket, coat or pant. A Hi-Vis Suits or raincoat may be combined with pants to make a rain suit. The other word of Rain Jacket is Rain Coat. Rain Jacket with Pants Waterproof Rain Coat normally has a durable water repellent finish which helps you to keep dry in light rain or snow.

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RK Safety High Visibility Class 3 Rain suit, Reflective Black Bottom 

construction rain suit

An RK Jacket, RK Safety Class 3 Rain Suit, Pants High Visibility Reflective Black Bottom is a serious piece of protective equipment which is designed to increase the reflectiveness of employees. Rain Safety Gear contains a total of 5 pockets: 2 Bottom, 1 Chest Cellphone, and 2 Pants. RK Safety Class 3 heavy duty rain suits include  Zipper with storm flap. It contains Black Bottom Jacket and Pants which will help to hide dirt or grease.

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Forever high visibility Waterproof Rain suit

waterproof raincoat


Forever Hi-Viz Waterproof Rain suit is designed to retain the wearer visible, protective and dry in profane weather conditions. Forever high visibility Waterproof Rain Suit Set High Vis Visibility Jacket & Trouser is made up of PVC Polyester. Forever waterproof rain gear can also be washed in the washing machine. Forever reflective rain gear is manufactured in the UK.

this hi vis rain gear comes with 3 colors Navy,Orange and Yellow

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ANSI Class 3 Rain Gear With Detachable Hood

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CLC Custom Leathercraft ANSI 3 Polyester Rain Suit works in an all-weather situation.ANSI Class 3 Rain Gear covers the entire body. It constructed with medium-weight 0.18mm oxford polyester and ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 and it is Class 3 certified. The dimension of CLC Custom Leathercraft ANSI 3 Polyester Rain Suit is 10.8 x 1.5 x 14.1 inches and it is yellow. The material used in making Leathercraft ANSI 3 Rain Suit is Polyester.

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RK Safety RW-CLA3-TOR77 Class 3 Rain Suit (Orange)

orange rain suit

The RK Safety RW-CLA3-TOR77 Rain Suit is orange in color and it is lightweight rain gear to keep employees dry. The lightweight rain gear has side pockets and a string waist. RK Safety garment contains a minimum of 775 square inches of background substances with having 5 pockets in which 2 are in Bottom, 1 to carry to Cellphone and 2 Pants. Black bottom Jacket and Pants assist to remove dirt or grease. RK Safety RW-CLA3-TOR77 Heavy Duty Rain Suit meets ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Class 3 standard.

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Troy Safety Class 3 High Visibility Rain Gear

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Troy Safety Class 3 Rain Suit is made up of superior quality fabric with the practice of innovative machinery. Hi Vis Suit is made up of Waterproof Oxford Material Outer Shell and Mesh Double Lining. Troy Safety Class 3 Black bottom Jacket and Pants also assist to remove dirt or grease. The weight of Troy Safety Rain Suit is 2.17 pounds and it is made up of PVC and Polyester.

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Joyutoy Portable Hooded lightweight rain gear


Through Joyutoy Portable Hooded Raincoat Reflective Jacket, employees can breathe easily on the worksite and it also gives protection from UV rays, it is lightweight rain gear and durable rainwear which is made from Oxford Polyester and having a water repellent PU covering. Its reflective strips are good at the time of riding and other activities. Its applications include survey crews, workers of airports, road, and general construction, police, and emergency.

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high visibility rain suit Buying Guide

How to Select Best rain suits for work?

Rain Suits for people working in industries or other areas where high visibility clothing is needed. If you want to provide hi vis clothing to your employees, so you need to know how to select the right safety gear.

Get Your Workers Involved:

Searching for the participation of your workers is necessary when you are choosing high visibility gear. This is just because of workers recognize and understand the possible hazards which is linked with the job and the kind of safety wear is needed to minimize hazardous levels.

Fulfill with Appropriate Standards:

To make sure, that your employees have the right safety clothing for your job and as an employer that you must be well versed with these necessities. For applications where the hi vis wear will come into contact with organic material, it is necessary to ensure the suit will be able to withstand the substances.

Consult with Industry Expert:

At last, to select the best Hi Vis Suits, you need to know the supplier from where you are buying the hi vis clothing. A trustworthy hi-vis supplier is necessary for determining that you are getting the best products. Trustworthy hi-vis supplier may also address any concerns you may have about the hi-vis selection procedure. If you want to select hi-vis workwear for workers then are free to consult an industry expert and it will assist you to select the best hi-vis wear.

Is There Any Difference Between Hi-Vis Yellow & Orange Rain Suit?

Yes, there is a difference between Hi-Vis Yellow & Orange Reflective Rain Suit, let’s have a look below!!!

  • Firstly, the most common reason is that yellow and green color is used for train signaling, so rail employees wear only orange Hi-Vis Suit to not complicate the train drivers.
  • Secondly, hi-vis orange and yellow gear are assumed by health and safety specialized to offer suitable visibility.
  • Some other colors like red, pink or blue are used for recreational and it is appropriate for offering high-visibility in an environment.


high visibility rain suit are the most common and popular in Western Europe, North America, South America. Nearly 1,232 Hi Vis Suits suppliers are situated in Asia. The top-rated countries are China, Pakistan, and Taiwan, which manufacture 91%, 7%, and 1% of hi-vis suits or Ansi Rain Gear.

A large number of ANSI Class 3 Rain Gear, pants, long raincoats, and hi-vis bib-style pants are available in markets for employees. Hi-Vis Gear is waterproof and easily available in Lime, Yellow or Orange. You need to bring various samples to the job area and do a trial run or field test to assist you which type of Hi-Vis Wear is best suited for your surroundings.


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