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Best 7 Hi Vis Polo Shirts


First of all, you should know what is Hi-Vis Clothing? Hi-Vis clothing is also known as High Visibility Clothing and many industrial employers need it as a kind of Personal Security Substance. Hi-Vis Clothing includes safety shirts such as High visibility shirts,Hi Vis Polo Shirts.

High Visibility Polo Shirts are perfect for a huge range of climate conditions and work environments. Choose from Hi-Vis Lime or Hi-Vis Orange in a variety of substances, including birdseye knit, moisture-wicking polyester micro mesh, and oxford jersey.

The Hi-Vis Reflective Stripes are also available in various styles namely 3M Scotchlite silver-tape, highly breathable tape and high contrast performance tape/stripes. Hi-Vis Work Shirts are available in 3 ranges: firstly, non-ANSI, secondly ANSI Class 2 and last one is ANSI Class 3.

Hi-Vis ANSI Class 2 & ANSI CLASS 3 Polo

Hi Vis Polo

ANSI Class safety polo shirts give more comfort and have less weight and it also gives the same High Visibility Standards as safety wear. Working Gear is available in various colors and sizes such as high visibility lime, yellow or orange and in sizes from small to 10X. It is used for landscaping, construction crews, warehouse workers, and event protection.

Hi-Vis ANSI Class 2 Polo

Hi-Vis ANSI Class 2 Polo Wear is planned for working environments that reduce risk. It can include employees who work on roadway where traffic is moving under 50 mph. The Hi-Vis ANSI Class 2 Polo Shirt is larger than their class 1 counterparts it is just because of high visibility and reflective fields to be present.

Hi-Vis ANSI Class 2 Polo Clothing should have at least 775 inches of safety yellow or orange background substances and it has 201 square inches’ reflective strips. These ANSI safety wear are mostly worn by school crossing guards survey crews, airport baggage handlers.


Hi-Vis Class 3 ANSI Safety Polo

Hi-Vis Class 3 ANSI Safety Polo Wear is reserved for employees who work in the most hazardous environments where visibility is the first and highest priority. Hi-Vis Class 3 ANSI Safety Polo Wear includes roadways where traffic is traveling in an extra of 50mph, but it can also apply to emergency employees who are working in a blizzard or dangerous situations where risk is minimum.

Hi-Vis Class 3 ANSI Safety Polo is the largest of the ANSI Wear as it needs the most background material and reflective striping. Hi-Vis Class 3 Polo Wear needs an enormous 1,240 inches of safety yellow or orange background. Hi-Vis Polo Shirt has 310 square inches of reflective striping; it often looks like a short sleeve t-shirt more than traditional wear.

Best High Visibility Polo Shirts

JORESTECH Safety Polo Shirt Reflective High Visibility

safety shirts

JORESTECH Safety Polo Shirt Reflective High Visibility Short Sleeve is made up of 130 GMS bird eye fabric & 100% polyester which are used to stay cool at the job site or area. ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Type R Class 2, 2 is a silver sawn reflective tape. Safety Polo Shirt Reflective High Visibility Short Sleeve Yellow/Lime Dark Blue Bottom ANSI Class 2 Level 2 Type R PS-01 (L)/Hi Vis Polo Shirts with pocket. Reflective Work Shirts are available in Lime Dark Blue with 4.8 ounces’ weight.

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SHORFUNE High Visibility Polo Shirt with Reflective Strips

safety orange polo shirt

SHORFUNE High Visibility Polo Shirt with Reflective Strips comes with a three-button closure and it is suitable and fits nearly everyone. Hi-Vis Polo Shirt is a Short sleeve polo shirt that is breathable and it is made up of 100% Polyester which stays employees cool during the outdoor work. This is a visible shirt and has 2″ width vertical and horizontal reflective strips for maximum visibility in all situations. if u looking for big and tall high visibility shirts SHORFUNE High Visibility Polo Shirt it’s your choice!

ANSI/ISEA Standards High Visibility Polo Shirt decreases risks of accident for roadside emergency, outdoor or indoor, bicycling, construction work, security, surveyors and night or day. Shorne High Visibility Safety Vest meets the ANSI and ISEA standards that outline performance features.

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Portwest Iona Polo Shirt High Visibility

hi vis t shirts

Portwest Iona Polo Shirt Hi Vis Visibility Reflective Short Sleeve Work Wear Top consists of Reflective tape and is made up of breathable fabric which is designed to comfort employees at the time of work.

From the past 110 years of experience and a heritage of quality, service, and value, Portwest is recognized as a world leader in strategy, design and manufacture of stylish, highly comfortable, high-quality gear that meets established international standards.

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High Visibility Polo Shirt With Pocket

Hi-Viz Polo Shirt Safety consists of short sleeves with pocket and it is safe, comfortable, and sharp-looking with A-SAFETY’s line. Hi Vis Work Wear is made up of 100% polyester 130g bird eye knit fabric. safety orange polo shirt remains active during daylight and nighttime hours.

Hi-Vis Half Black bottom rises color contrast and protection from stain. Hi-Vis Work-Wear or High Visibility Polo Shirt makes you 360° visible when you are running or doing sports in late-night or dark. You can also stand out in the crowds.

high visibility polo shirt with pocket design makes the shirt perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It is used at outdoor, offices, surveyors, security personnel, bodyguard, manufacturing, sports, and by emergency responders, highway road work, construction, transportation, utilities, as well as casual wear.

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Hi Vis Long Sleeve Shirts Two Tone Yellow Navy Safety Polo Shirt with Reflective Stripes 

hi vis long sleeve button shirts

Hi-Vis Long Sleeve Polo Shirt is designed for those employees who work near roadways in which they will be unprotected to higher traffic with speeds or decreased sight distances because of climate. Reflective Clothing is made up of 100% Polyester. Retro-Reflective Strips provide a 360 Degree Retro-Reflective Wave while you are working under Daylight or Low Light surroundings.

high visibility polo shirts



long sleeve safety shirt is made up of 100% Polyester Force Fabric, Moisture Wicking, Hi-Vis Fluorescent Yellow. This hi vis long sleeve t shirt is available in Dark Blue Dual Body-Color which is breathable and Lightweight, Durable. Long Sleeve ANSI Class 3 Polo Shirt can be washed in washing machine in Cold Water. Yellow Construction Shirt has closure pockets on the left front chest to carry usable items.


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 Hi Vis Polo Shirts With Reflective Tape

high visibility polo

High Visibility Short Sleeve Shirt is made up of 2-inch high-quality 3M Scotchlite Heat Laminated Reflective Material to increase comfort and visibility in all bad conditions. This high visibility polo Shirt is lightweight and it does not control movement and does not rub your skin. Hi Vis Collared Shirts has a rib-knit collar with a 3-buttoned placket for a professional look.

This Hi vis polo shirts with reflective tape is 100% compliant with all ANSI 107 regulations. It is designed to keep you safe and comfortable and it is made from lightweight and soft 4.1oz with 100% Polyester Birdseye knit fabric. safety yellow t shirts give comfort for outdoor work, even in dangerous heat, its high-quality material makes this reflective construction shirt light and permits your body to breathe.

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JKSafety Hi-Vis Wicking Reflective Safety Polo Shirt

JKSafety Hi-Vis Wicking Reflective Safety Polo Shirt is made from sweat-wicking fast-dry 100% polyester 130g bird eye knit fabric for comfortable experience. Hi-visibility fluorescent lime-yellow reflective material keeps effective during daylight and nighttime hours. Safety Yellow Polo Shirts have 2 horizontal breathable reflective strips which is wrapped around the waist and two ventilate reflective strips which is on the shoulder.


This is good to make a breathable reflective strips and it makes the reflective strip flexible, elastic, extendibility. high visibility polo shirts available in various sizes such as Yellow, safety orange shirts. Six sizes, S, Medium& Large & X Large& 2X Large& 3X Large. Polo shirt size in European is comparably smaller.

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How to Select Best High Visibility Polo Shirts?

If you are confused to choose the best high visibility polo, then the below provided guidelines will help you to choose the best Hi Vis Polo as per your requirements. Please have a look below!!!

Remain Safe and Visible In Summer:

 You will search for high visibility polo in various safety workwear ranges. This is the one thing that is common in all hi-vis shirts that they all are certified for both safety and visibility purposes. Its collection includes hi vis collared shirts in both single color and two-tone mixtures of the classic bright colors: yellow, red and orange.

You can also add a logo to your safety t shirts without it being a risk to your protection. So as long as the logo meets certain size requirements, then the polo shirt will remain its certification.

Focus on Comfort and Functionality: 

The materials and substances which is used in all Hi-Vis Polo have been exactly selected to make sure optimal comfort, functionality, and freedom of movement. A mixture of polyester and cotton makes sure that the polo shirt is both strong and comfortable to wear against your skin.

Most of the 100% Cotton Hi Vis Polo gives freshening under the arms, as well as elastic indicators which make sure that you retain your freedom of movement. If you desire pockets, then you will also search Safety Clothing in your range with side pockets for carrying various items such as phone or eyewear, etc. high visibility shirts are ideal for the summer when high temperatures hit you.

Combine with fluorescent accessories: 

If you want to choose the close fit, then buy a Safety Gear with a modern fit. Or if you want to select something a bit looser, then you can buy polo shirts with a classic fit. No matter which kind of Construction Shirts you choose, at various shopping sites, you will always find a wealth of options so that you can combine hi vis workwear with fluorescent pants, shorts, trousers, and accessories.


high visibility polo shirts offer a range of options when it comes to various work environments and conditions. Some Safety Polo Shirts come in orange and/or lime and have loads of specifications that will not only have you searching good but also protect you from various dangerous situations when you are on the job and in hazardous work surroundings.

If you want to remain visible all year round, then look no more than our variety of safety polo shirts. Many companies provide custom printing on all hi-vis T-Shirts. Safety T-Shirts of different types are at big discounts and provided as top brand names such as Occunomix, PIP, Pyramex, Majestic, GSS and Port & Company, Hi-Vis Polo Shirts at Amazon.


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